American Hartford Gold Group Reviews

During these times of economic uncertainty and with all the commotion happening in this world, it is important to store your gold and silver assets safely. American Hartford Gold Group is a well-known and trusted gold IRA custodian that can help you to do so. It is also one of America’s top-rated precious metals dealers functioning nationally across the United States from three locations. This article review will assist you in making the perfect decision throughout the process of buying and selling precious metals. 

About American Hartford Gold

AmericanHartford Gold is a family-owned and operated business that is located specifically at 11900 W Olympic Blvd #750, Los Angeles, CA 90064, United States. It specializes in assisting individuals and families with precious metals investments. This contains both bars and coins of Gold, Silver, and Platinum. This company offers both physical delivery to one’s door and electronic distribution within a retirement account such as an IRA, 401K, or TSP. American Hartford Gold assists clients in securing a more secure future.

Basically, this company owns a management team that is dedicated to offering excellent service at a reasonable price. Also, to deliver the most up-to-date market information with a historical perspective, empowering both experienced and new investors. The Better Business Bureau has given American Hartford Gold an A+ rating, and numerous review platforms like Trustpilot and Google have given it a 5-star rating. Furthermore, American Hartford Gold was ranked #74 on the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private financial services companies in the United States.

Precious Metals Services

American Hartford Gold Group sells precious metal bars and coins, which are typically used to help protect wealth by diversifying and hedging the assets in customer portfolios. These investment metals are typically sold as part of a Gold IRA, held in a secure storage facility, or delivered directly to customer homes. They have quickly established themselves as market leaders in the Gold IRA sector since their inception in 2015, and this is now their primary area of activity, where they provide a full end-to-end solution.

Most importantly, this custodian group provides the highest quality investment-grade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium directly into customer accounts, from aiding with new IRA accounts or executing IRA rollovers or transfers to arranging promising storage for security and custodian services.

Meanwhile, this company also offer a direct supply of precious metals to home or arrange high-security storage at a choice of locations and their team of precious metals specialists can help with any aspect of your metals portfolio or investment plans outside of an IRA, where buyers are simply looking for a dependable and honest metals dealer.

American Hartford Gold: Prime Mission

American Hartford Gold strives to educate and assist clients on precious metal investments while maintaining complete openness and fair dealing. Besides that, to give unrivaled customer service based on trust and complete satisfaction to all of our customers.

Moreover, this company provides their Buyback Commitment to all of their clients, in which they urge them to contact them first if the clients want to sell their metals. Even though the company may not legally guarantee that they would repurchase metals, there is still no charge of additional liquidation fees and offer a straightforward three-step process.

The CEO of American Hartford Gold

Sanford Mann is responsible for the company’s overall strategic direction in the gold industry, attracting the most ethical and knowledgeable staff in the market, and maintaining the greatest levels of client satisfaction as Chief Executive Officer of American Hartford Gold.

Sanford’s simple motto, which he learned from his father when he was a child, was to provide the consumer with endless education and an honest deal. By putting this idea into effect, American Hartford Gold has earned an A+ customer satisfaction rating and has become one of the country’s fastest-growing precious metals merchants.

Another strong principle from Sanford Mann is he had always owned a strong working ethic and feeling of community as a child, growing up in a close-knit agricultural family. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Connecticut State University and worked in top financial management positions in New York City before heading west to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Sanford presently lives in Santa Monica with his family. He sincerely thinks that clients are family and that the only way to achieve success is to commit to offering great service in every transaction. Overall, Sanford participates at many non-profits, has an active lifestyle, and serves on several boards in his spare time.

Contributing to the Community

American Hartford Gold Group enjoys giving back in which this company provides both financial and volunteer support to both local and national organizations by participating in their social activities and raising funding for their cause in some situations. The Claire Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, The Midnight Mission, Our House, A Place Called Home, and No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) are just a few of the organizations they support.

Gold IRA Transfer and Rollovers

Since 2015, the American Hartford Gold Group has been at the vanguard of the rapidly expanding Precious Metals IRA sector, assisting thousands of American families in taking advantage of little-known tax savings available when purchasing certain precious metal goods through a self-directed IRA. These recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) asset relaxations mean that US people can now invest in tax-advantaged precious metals while still receiving income tax deductions of the same amount. For example, if you pay taxes at a rate of 35%, the IRS will give you 312 ounces of pure gold for every 10 ounces you purchase.

Given Gold and Silver’s long history of serving as wealth protection insurance in times of crisis, the IRS is essentially assisting you in stocking up on these important diversification assets at a time when we may need them most, and for a time in your life when the last thing you want is money worries. American Hartford has put out a helpful document that explains exactly what gold and silver can accomplish in the event of the next recession.

Therefore, American Hartford Gold focusses on fast, effective rollovers or transfers to a Gold SDIRA (Self Directed IRA) for customers who currently have a conventional IRA, an employee 401k, or a comparable account because not all retirement accounts allow for the storage of physical precious metals, this move is usually required.

How to Open an American Hartford Gold IRA

In order to open an American Hartford Gold IRA you need to follow these steps:

1.      Customers can contact AHG either through their website or by phone at 866-927-2086.

2.   Then, they will meet with a precious metals consultant for a brief introductory consultation to learn more about what precious metals or a gold IRA could do for them. This will give a quick overview of the different options and answer any questions a potential investor might have, as well as arrange for the delivery of the information kit. This conversation usually lasts 5-10 minutes.

3.     When an investor decides to move forward, they are granted a phone consultation with a Gold IRA Specialist who will acquire the necessary information to bring the process forward.

4.      Next, either a new account is opened and a transfer or rollover of assets is initiated, or the consumer moves on to the next step if they already have a suitable IRA.

5.     With assets in the account, the customer and their account professional will explore investment alternatives in further depth, with the specialist possibly assisting in the selection of bars and coins to be purchased with the transferred cash.

6.      Inventory precious metals are instantly deposited into the customer’s IRA account at the secure storage depository of their choice. This usually takes 2-5 days, however, it might take up to 2-4 weeks for non-stock items, depending on rarity and wholesale seller stock.

7.      Finally, the purchased metals are then apprehended in an IRA account until the customer decides to sell all or part of their ownership. At this time, American Hartford Gold may request that they be given the first option to purchase back as part of their Buyback Commitment, as they will typically provide better than average pricing for a direct buy-back. Customers can, of course, sell to any metals dealer they like.

American Hartford Gold Costs

Good news to everyone who is interested to invest in precious metals, there are no costs to open a Gold IRA or to rollover a retirement account to a Gold or Precious Metals IRA with American Hartford Gold. It is always free to ship precious metals to the vault, and it includes insurance and tracking.

On the American Hartford Gold website, it is stated that there is no explicit pricing information for account maintenance fees. Depending on the size of the Gold IRA account and the number of precious metals being stored, storage fees are frequently waived for up to three years or longer. Most importantly, there is no minimum Gold IRA contribution amount set by American Hartford Gold. Besides that, on the American Hartford Gold website, you will find offers like $1,500 in free silver and up to three years of no-account maintenance costs.

IRA Custodian Services

As all IRAs must be held by a custodian or a trustworthy and accredited third party, who will keep your IRA investments at arm’s length and track all investments and tax events for the IRS. The criteria for custodians are tight, and they must fulfill and maintain high standards for IRS clearance because they interact directly with the IRS and have a fiduciary duty of care to their customers.

Besides that, American Hartford Gold Group works with some of the industry’s most reputable precious metals custodians and can recommend one that is most suited to your needs. Equity Trust Company is Hartford’s primary precious metals custodian at the moment, but the company is flexible enough to work with whatever custodian you like.

Secure Storage Options

Physical gold in an IRA must be stored in an approved storage depository, which is a specialist high-security metals vault that has been assessed by the IRS as meeting tight standards. American Hartford Gold Group will normally handle this on your behalf and in collaboration with your custodian.

Even though a specific safe haven is required for an IRA, many non-IRA clients feel harmless with the level of protection afforded by a professional gold depository because the security at American Hartford’s facilities is excellent and unrivaled.

Modern security usually comes at a hefty price, but because of the enormous economies of scale that these major depositories enjoy, many can offer all of your vaulting needs for between $250 and $500 per year, regardless of the size of your holding. These rates are considerably lower in American Hartford Gold’s case, due to unique arrangements they have with their storage partners, and can be eliminated entirely for new consumers for the first three years. From this, customers can select to vault at other sites, such as the Delaware Depository Services Company or International Depository Services, while their primary gold vaulting service is with Brinks Global Services.

What makes it even better, you will be able to find offers like $1,500 in free silver and up to three years of no-account upkeep or maintenance costs on the American Hartford Gold website. Furthermore, according to a third-party rating made, it was proven 95% that American Hartford Gold’s IRA storage charges are among the lowest in the gold IRA industry, and they run regular promotions that include free storage for several years and no fees if customers satisfy certain order minimums.

American Hartford Gold Group: Reviews and Complaints

This prestigious company has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings over the years since its formation. It is stated on their official website that they take feedbacks and recommendations seriously as clients’ thoughts are their utmost concerns.

With a total number of 846 reviews on Trustpilot as of June 16, 2021, American Hartford Gold Group received an excellent overall score by receiving 4- and 5-stars reviews. Most of the reviews stated that they have received helpful guidance from precious metals specialists in the American Hartford Gold Group. Not only from their customer service experience but also in a sense where customers were respected and guided thoroughly with the purchasing process, follow-up, and shipping information.

As of May 2021, it was recorded through consumer protection sites that American Hartford Gold Group received an A+ review from Better Business Bureau (BBB), AA-rated by Business Consumer Alliance, and there were no scam reports at all throughout its establishment.  Therefore, if you have ever wondered whether this company is legit or not, you may rest your doubt as this company has a consistently high rating from customers, and it bids a buy-back commitment too.

Apart from that, the Inc 5000 named American Hartford Gold as #74 among the fastest-growing private financial services companies in the USA. American Hartford Gold is a proud multi-year sponsor of NASCAR and is the only precious metals company that was ever recommended by William James O’Reilly Jr. or is widely known for his stage name Bill O’Reilly who is well-known as an American journalist, author, and former television host. With the help from Bill O’Reilly trusts, he was able to recommend the American Hartford Gold Group to his fellow friends, family, and followers. From this matter, this company was able to gain status and acceptance from people who are interested to invest in precious metals.

However, it is not always sunshine and rainbows for American Hartford Gold Group because there is a slight complaint that can be found on Consumer Affairs. Mostly it was due to a misunderstanding in which clients were unable to get a call back regarding their purchase and were left hanging.

Also, there was a careless case where a client received boxes of precious metals in front of his doorstep due to the carelessness of the courier handling the shipment. But yet, complaints were never about miss-selling, scams, or other serious problems. Fundamentally, in all cases, American Hartford Gold Group was able to resolve it and compensate clients with extra care and goods.

All in all, American Hartford Gold owns a solid customer service team in which they request all customers with any complaints, no matter how minor, before leaving reviews to reach them out. By this matter, it proves that this commitment means that the company can naturally resolve customer complaints or minor issues to their complete fulfillment, without disturbing their stellar 5-star and A+ ratings.


To conclude this American Hartford Gold review, the American Hartford Gold Group is a solid choice if you’re looking to buy precious metals or open a precious metals IRA. For a solid economic future, retirement planning is crucial. By diversifying assets through Gold IRAs or precious metals purchases, American Hartford Gold aims to help clients achieve financial comfort and security. With industry-leading specialists and excellent customer service, it can be said that this company is well-positioned to educate consumers about the advantages of investing in precious metals. Accordingly, make an informed judgment, and until then, you can decide if this company is a good fit for your investing goals.